SDDA Forms

Below is a list of available forms from the Sporting Detection Dogs Association.

Sample Score sheets

Trial Forms

NEW!  Submit your trial application and supporting documents ONLINE!


Trial Application
Sample Premium List
Sample Trial Entry Form
Trial Results Sheet

Please return the electronic version of the workbook to Eric Jansen as soon as possible after your trial.

All paper forms along with the summary document are to be returned by postage to SDDA Secretary, c/o Norm Dressler, 6400 Glen Knolls Drive, Ottawa, ON K1C 2X2.

TrialWorkbook 20180604

Last update: June 3rd, 2018.

Requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher.  This workbook has only been tested in a Windows (R) environment.  With our apologies to those that may run different Operating Systems on their computers.

The trial workbook is updated periodically as results become available and as newly registered dogs are added to our database.  Please do not download your working copy too early, particularly when you can foresee that an overlap/conflict with another trial may occur.
Hint: The summary sheet now allows for a list of dogs that earned a Championship or Master Championship.  Please enter this data so we won’t disappoint anyone by not sending a certificate in a timely manner.

Note: when submitting the Excel based trial workbook you do NOT have to manually fill out the Trial results sheet.

Trial Results Workbook Instructions

Please note: the help file contains instructions for the older “One Day” version of the trial workbook.  The Excel Workbook has since been updated to a Two Day version.  Operation of the workbook is very similar.  Any questions can be emailed to  Please put “Trial Workbook” as the subject line.

 Designated Odour Test Results Sheet

Incident Report

SDDA Brochure

Swag Order Form