The Sport of Scent Detection

Sporting Detection is the fun and competitive version of scent detection such as for narcotics, termites or explosives. However, our competitions use legal scents that are easily purchased and stored by the average person. The dog must locate a hidden target scent within an area and alert the handler to its location. It is a true partnership sport in which both partners must rely on one another. The Sporting Detection Dogs Association was established so that dogs and their people can enjoy detection work. 

All Dogs Can Play!!

Whether practiced for sport or for fun, sport detection is suited to all types of dogs and handlers. 

All breeds, ages, sizes and ability of dogs are welcome. Classes and trials are run so that each search is done by one dog and handler team alone, allowing dogs with space issues to focus and learn. Working individually and without social stressors allows the dog to channel its energy on the task. 

No obedience is needed as a prerequisite and boisterous behaviours such as barking and pulling can be part of the game. Unruliness can be curbed by using the dog’s natural desire to “hunt” to develop focus and self-control.

This activity also promotes confidence and provides mental stimulation, ideal for shy, elderly or disabled dogs.